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2024 is the year Program Lifted is coming to women in the country

As a country woman from Gunnedah, NSW, I have personally experienced the challenges of trying to grow and change in an environment that may not support those aspirations.

What makes achieving these goals even harder is when you’re trying to figure it all out on your own, feeling stuck in a repetitive cycle of almost reaching them, only to fall back into old patterns and habits. 

When this happens repeatedly, it's easy to think that you don't deserve to reach your goals.

Program Lifted is here to change that.

My mission is to help women in the country to create positive and lasting transformation to their lives through face-to-face coaching, ongoing education and community support, empowering them to make significant and enduring improvements that will become a source of confidence and pride for years to come.

From day 1, you will be part of a strong community of females who are here to support you to grow into being your best self.

Program Lifted  is not like any other online training program because I am here to coach and educate you in person, as well as online.

There are five essential components of support you have access to in Program Lifted, plus 3 options, contributing to make 2024 the year you achieve what you've always wanted.


This initial 1hr Zoom meeting will be our opportunity to officially meet, to discuss what you desire to achieve most, why this goal is so important to you, what you currently struggle with, and where you feel need my support the most.

We will also start to reverse engineer the next 6-12 months for you, putting in place a timeline of different dietary phases we will need to go through (fat loss, muscle building, maintenance phases), building your personalised roadmap to success.


You will have your personalised training & nutrition app at your fingertips, giving you structure, direction and confidence when training on the gym floor or planning out your meals for the week ahead.

The exercise swap feature will help you to keep your training flexible, even when equipment is unavailable. Check out it's functionality HERE.

Your personalised nutrition app will be set up for your specific dietary phase (as discussed in your onboarding call), so that we can get you planning the right calorie and macronutrient splits from day one.

The recipe swap feature and the dining out feature will help you to stay on track and guide you to use flexible dieting as a structured approach to better understanding effective nutrition, while simultaneously improving your relationship with food.

This is an example of how flexible dieting works when you are in a fat loss phase SEE HERE


Your habits are the backbone to achieving what you desire and will determine your ability to make long term change.

Each week you will have a personalised spreadsheet to help me understand which of these habits you are nailing, and where you need my help: sleep quality, daily step count, hydration, alcohol consumption, strength training, nutrition and personal organisation.

The combination of these habits executed week-in week-out will ultimately lead you to the body you want, and the lifestyle to support that goal long-term.

Each week you will receive personalised video feedback from your coach to help guide you in taking your next steps toward your end of year goal.

This is how we are going to keep you achieving and progressing, week after week.


There are 2 main purposes of our online community platform: to educate and to support.

Our purpose-built platform is where you can access your nutrition education modules and be able to connect with all of the other ladies in Program Lifted, from both the country and the Gold Coast.

HERE is an example of what your education modules contain.

All the women featured in the testimonials on the homepage are members of our community and have been in your position before, so you will find the support you will receive on our platform is genuinely authentic.

You are going to have the support of your coach and community, every step of the way.


At the end of each monthly workshop, we will connect that evening for a social dinner at a local restaurant.

This will be such a great opportunity to have quality conversations, fostering connections, and getting to know each other better outside of the gym!


I am most excited for your lifting workshops, as they offer the opportunity to connect in person.

My goal is to help you to become an absolute powerhouse on the gym floor, not in a domineering way - in a way that has you confidently moving your body under increasingly heavy loads, that will have other gym-goers in awe of your athleticism.

Each month we will refine your lifting skills in our face-to-face lifting workshops, to increasingly build your confidence when lifting.

It is also a great opportunity to meet other country women who are also making 2024 the year they invested in themselves wholeheartedly.

You may even meet your new training buddy!

These monthly workshops will be run at a local gym near you

Check out the FAQs for location and workshop dates.


When I began setting an end-of-year photoshoot as a goal for my clients here on the GC, I observed a level of internal motivation in them that was unlike anything I had seen before. 

The deliberate structuring of nutrition phases played a key role in helping my ladies to comprehend the process required to be ready for a photoshoot, helping them to learn how to grow into achieving this concrete goal.

It truly struck me how crucial it is to have tangible, time-bound goals that provide a real sense of direction for personal growth.

This photoshoot is incredibly glamorous: we all have our make-up professionally done, hire a massive Air BnB for the day, have super supportive & experienced photographers, plus our very own wardrobe stylist for the day!

This is a great way to celebrate your end of year achievement!


Our end of year celebration dinner will be held the same evening of our photoshoot day, at an amazing GC restaurant early December 2024.

This is such a fantastic way to celebrate the work we have all put in, and to spend quality time with ladies who have grown just as much as you!

If the photoshoot is not for you, there is no obligation to join in, however the celebration dinner will be a great opportunity to celebrate your achievements.


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