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Face-2-face Training

Face-to-face training is the fastest way to increase your confidence, knowledge, skill set and strength levels in your training, your nutrition & learning how to show up for yourself when it counts the most.

It is the ultimate level of support.

This package includes multiple in-person training sessions per week, weekly progress discussions with your coach, and specific nutrition advice that will help you to create clarity around effective nutrition.

I will teach you everything you need to know about getting the most out of your training, from how to lift with confidence & intention, to building your awareness of being efficient and assertive on the gym floor.

As our weeks progress, I will coach you to understand your nutritional needs as they relate to your current goal (fat loss, muscle building, maintenance calories).

Face-to-Face training is the fastest way to build momentum in your lifestyle.

A lot of women turn to their health and fitness because they want to take control of their lives in the best way possible.

If that sounds like you and the direction you want to take, here's your chance!

To organise a consultation to further discuss your goals and whether or not this is the program for you, complete the coaching enquiry form below.



  • High level of accountability
  • Multiple face-2-face coaching sessions per week (at EMF Robina) in semi-private training environment
  • Personalised lifting technique corrections
  • Personalised True Coach online training app access
  • Full week of individualised training programs
  • To be part of and supported by a female lifting community
  • 100% customised nutrition & training programs, based on personal goals, appearance & diet history
  • Lifestyle specific nutrition guidance and education, catering for flexible dieting or meal plan preference.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 check ins
  • Personalised lifestyle tracker to support goal achievement
  • Start time flexibility – begin whenever you are ready!
  • 12 week minimum training term