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Lifting Workshop Faq’s Page

Do I need to be a member of EMF Robina to be able to attend these workshops?


As an exclusive offer to females attending these workshops, EMF Robina has a casual visit of only $10.

What if I am at a different level to the other people in my group?
Will I be able to keep up? What if I am more capable than the others?

I will never encourage you to hold back from expressing your true strength when training with me, nor would I ever let your training level be the factor that dictates what you're able to get from this program. I am here to help you see all of the things you're already really great at (and just don't know it yet) and to help you progress and get better with the things you need my help with.

There is a range of workshops to choose from that cater for a range of strength/fitness abilities, so never let what you don't think you can do be the reason that stops you from joining us.

My former profession as a primary school teacher has given me a very unique set of skills and ability to efficiently and effectively coach multiple females at one time. In addition to this, I have been training females on the gym floor in a semi-private environment for more than 8 years.

It is important to know that our training together isn't about competition or comparison, it's about support and self-growth.

We grow as a team, training as individuals.

Is there any coaching after the workshop?

To ensure you get the most value from your workshop, you need the tools and support to be able to continue to practice what I teach you in your workshop.

As part of your workshop package, you will have access to 4 weeks of online programs using our True Coach training app, with up to 4 training sessions per week.

These training sessions will be directly related to what I have taught you in the workshop, giving you the support needed to continue to build your strength and your confidence in the gym. Your online training sessions all relate to the workshop content we cover.

I will coach you on the importance of filming your lifts and how to best do this. In your month following the workshop (when you are using your online training programs), I highly encourage you to send me your filmed lifts so that I can give you the feedback you need to make further improvements. 

Would it be worthwhile to attend these workshops more than once? 

Love that question - Yes!

These workshops are designed to be what you want them to be: either as a once-off coaching experience, or as an ongoing monthly session.

Each workshop will have with it a new release of training programs and variations of exercises. 

For some females, training independently with online programs suits their lifestyle and budget, so attending these workshops on an ongoing monthly basis is a great way to learn what they need to know for the month of training ahead.

At the conclusion of your month's access to your online programs, you have the option to either:

- continue doing your own training from your own programming with the confidence in your lifting skill-set from our workshop,

-  sign up for the next workshop and learn the next level of skills (which will also give you a brand new set of training programs for the following 4 weeks), or

- move into something more substantial with a higher level of support, such as Face-2-Face or Personalised Online Training which are whole-encompassing programs

(See those pages for more information).

Do you offer coaching that has a stronger level of support than the workshop?


What I really love about these workshops is that it gives you a really great idea of what training with me on a regular basis would look like.

I have 2 subsequent levels of support available:

Elements Training (face to face) or Online Training.

If you are looking for a stronger level of support to get better momentum on your health and physique goals, our ‘Elements Training’ is an entirely individualised, fully supportive program for females who want multiple face-to-face training sessions throughout their week. In addition to this you will have full nutrition and lifestyle coaching and support. 

See the Face-2-Face or Personalised Online Training tabs for more information.

What if I already have an online coach?

Well I can’t wait for them to see the improvements in your lifting!

A quality online coach will want you to film and submit your lifting videos to them on a regular basis to give you the feedback needed to make improvements.

I guarantee this workshop will fast-track your lifting technique improvements!