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YOUR support system

This is what sets PROGRAM LIFTED apart.

Program Lifted is not a set-and-go program where you lose interest, momentum and accountability after just a few weeks because it's a passive process. 

Throughout our program, you'll encounter a mix of independent and supported learning opportunities across various touch-points, ensuring you have a comprehensive and balanced learning experience.

Your personalised nutrition and training app offer the 'what', our custom education platform provides the 'why and how' of change, and our face-to-face training workshops strengthen the community support, all working together to assist you in making 2024 an incredible year of intentional change.

One thing this course won't do is have you feeling dependent on being told what to do and what to eat.

As we equip you with the knowledge, habits, and confidence to purposefully develop a lifestyle that aligns with your goals, you will feel in control of your progress more than ever.

Having what we want is a side-effect of being the person it takes to get it.


I have designed this program to upskill you with everything you need to be able to maintain your goals long term, to know how to organise your nutrition as it relates to your lifestyle & goals, and how to continue to meet your needs in many different situations (when travelling, socialising, etc).

Each week you will have access to a new nutrition education module, direct access to me (your coach), and the support and connection of a community of females who are here to grow with you, whilst helping you to achieve your best in life!

Once you become part of our community, you will see just how many people want to see you succeed too!

You are not on this journey of change alone.


Our course content will mainly cover nutrition and the development of lifestyle habits.

1. How to create long term consistency.

The Nutritional Hierarchy & what influences your strength & physique the most.

Building habits in the kitchen: how to meal prep efficiently & stress-free.

How to track your nutrition & how to handle setbacks.

What flexible dieting is and how it will improve your relationship with food.

What to do in social situations: how to stick to your goals whilst enjoying your lifestyle.

Why is periodisation of nutrition important (muscle building, fat loss phases).

What to do once you’ve hit your goal.

 How to deal with push-back when those around you don't support your changes.

Are you ready to join PROGRAM LIFTED?